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  • Incentivize economic development not only in the City of Winona, but in small, rural cities, as well, in order to create tax base. We must be proactive alongside the major developments to come with DMC, not reactive. Doing this will allow us to stay ahead of the curve in terms of development and not miss some of the opportunities that may come knocking at our door.
  • Bryce wants to work closely with cities and townships in order to create working relationships that will foster discussions in order to identify and effectively meet challenges in Winona County. He wants to be a voice for rural Winona County and the unique challenges they face. Bryce will ensure that smaller cities receive the focus and assistance that they deserve in order to ensure that they prosper.
  • Continue to uphold the frac sand ban in the county. We need to be good stewards of our environment for generations to come. We need to make sure our water that is already riddled with radium is not being contaminated any further through pollutants that we can prevent.
  • Work with farmers and landowners to identify current policies that may be hindering farming practices and help identify alternatives and compromises that make sense for everyone.
  • Ensure that county infrastructure including roads, trails, bridges, county facilities, and parks are continually maintained. This is an essential function of the county and one that Bryce will take very seriously in office.
  • Bryce wants to be a good steward of taxpayer dollars and make sure that citizens of Winona County are getting the vital services that they pay for and identify wasteful spending and minimize it.
  • Most importantly, Bryce wants to be a public servant to the residents of Winona County and make decisions based on his tie to the people.